Other Types of Candle Holders

angel candle holderIn the past, candle holders were primarily used for illumination and facilitating night travel but today one can experience a major change while analyzing purposes of candle holders. From home décor to illumination, from religious practices to celebrations, and from remembrance to expression of feelings - candle holders are now used for more than just these few purposes. These candle holders not only bring senses of well being, serenity, satisfaction, relaxation, and togetherness but also evoke the attention of home occupants and visitors to the home.

Let us read about some types of candle holders to explore the world of candles and candle holders.

Sconce candle holders: These holders combine light with unmatched beauty by introducing light to the dark areas. Sconce candleholders are inexpensive and bring a unique sense of happiness and sophistication to your home. They are usually kept on dining tables, side tables, against the walls, or mounted on the walls.

Fireplace candle holders: If you want to provide a new and unique outlook to your living space, there is nothing better and more appealing to the eyes than the affordable fireplace candle holders. They help in setting congenial and pleasing environment so that you all do not have to wait any long to congregate.

Hurricane candle holdersGlass candle holders: If it is a special day in your life and you want to celebrate it king size with an indoor or outdoor party, glass candle holders can be the best option. These symbols of perfect craftsmanship are available in different sizes, colors, and shapes (mosaic, painted glass or cut aluminum) and easily evoke the attention of one and all.

Votive candle holders: Votive candle holders are available in many sizes, colors, textures, and shapes. Admired by one and all, they are primarily used for religious practices and presenting gifts, and even used for home décor.

Pillar candle holders: These candle holders are considered to be one of the oldest holders since candles were known to the mankind. Appeal, elegance, and sophistication offered by pillar candle holders are second to none. The pretentious style of these holders make them idealistic pieces of art for illuminating, home décor, and partying.

Tealight candle holders: Considered by many as the smallest type of decorative candle holders, tea light holders are designed for safely holding tea lights for creating a serene atmosphere. Inexpensive and stylish at the same time, tealight candle holders come in different sizes, shapes, and colors.


cross candle holderHurricane candle holders: Hurricane candle holders have been one of the most adored of all candle holders. These holders allow candles to fit comfortably in the center so that the burning candle does not touch the glass.


Wholesale candle holders: These candle holders are for people who need large supplies of them for specific occasions or purposes. These discounted candle holders are best for restaurant equipment supply stores, caterers, party organizers, and wedding organizers.


Floating candle holders: What can be more beautiful and appealing to the human eye than scented candles kept in floating candle holders? These holders float atop water and give a new definition to candles and candle holding. You can add flower blossoms for adding on to the fun and effects.


In addition to these types of candle holders, you can even have a close look at other possible options such as glass candle holders, ceramic candle holders, iron candle holders, and seasonal candle holders.


Fairy candle holdersNow that we have read about different types of candle holders, let us learn about some tips and precautions while buying candle holders.


If you are looking for discounted deals and a wide variety of candle holders, you can visit online shops dealing in candleholders. Buying candle holders online also gives you the privilege of safe shipping and you can even ask the online shop to deliver the candle holders at a specified date and time. Always make sure that you consider safety as one of the most important factors while buying candle holders, never compromise on safety over price. Prefer fire-resistant painted candle holders so that incidents of accidental fire are best avoided in the first place.